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One Solution for All Your Shows
Show Floor was designed to be your single solution at all shows
  • Available for Apple and Android based smart phones and tablets
  • Reads QR coded badges from top show badge providers using the camera on your phone or tablet
  • Minimizes time spent training booth staff on show-specific lead collection solutions
  • Provides consistency for your show staff
Easy and Powerful Lead Collection
Show Floor provides your booth staff with the tools they need to turbocharge lead collection efforts
  • Efficiently captures leads and qualifies them using your questions
  • Makes it simple to collect detailed notes using voice to text
  • Instills friendly competition by displaying a leader board with leads collected by each person working your booth
Advanced Management
Show Floor goes beyond traditional lead collection and offers advanced features to help manage your trade show program
  • Keeps your CRM system clean by helping to research, merge duplicates, edit and prioritize leads prior to export
  • Automatically emails visitors using personalized templates
  • Assists in making mid-show adjustments by providing live show metrics
  • Produces reports to demonstrate ROI and examine activity by salesperson, kiosk and products of interest
Self-Service Kiosk
Reach more leads and use technology to overcome common challenges faced by exhibitors at trade shows
  • Turns your kiosk presentation into digital signage to attract visitors
  • Provides an electronic alternative to distributing printed material
  • Serves as a sales aid by providing product information in an easy swipe format
  • Allows you to create multilingual presentations and email responses to serve visitors regardless of the language they speak
  • Captures leads from passive booth visitors who do not interact with sales personnel
  • Acts as an overflow option to capture potential leads during peak times or when your staff is otherwise engaged