What is Show Floor

Show Floor is a mobile app used for lead generation in a trade show environment. Show Floor offers a variety of modes for face to face interactions and can be used as a digital kiosk.

Lead Management
Show Floor
For Exhibitors
Event Management
Show Floor
For Managers

Key Features

Manage Shows

Assign users, capture information, set up email templates, and engage potential customers.

Capture Leads

Obtain lead information by scanning attendee badges.

Provide Kiosks

Use popular tablets to create self-serve kiosks with your presentations at shows.

Triage Opportunities

Easily triage visits as potential sales or non-sales related opportunities.

Who uses Show Floor?

  • Trade Show Exhibitors
  • In Store Exhibitors
  • Manufactures
  • Marketing Firms
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Suppliers
  • Employment Recruiters
  • Career Fair Exhibitors

What can you use Show Floor for?

  • Track Leads from Trade Shows
  • Track Leads from In Store Exhibits
  • Capture Product End Users Opinions
  • Manage your Sales Process
  • Show Case a Specific Product or Service
  • Set & Manage Expectations with your Customers
  • Improve Communication with Customers
  • Collect Potential Employees Information

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